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   CORPORATE and M&A | Practice

  The Corporate practice is the largest of Chancelley practices, with teams of lawyers serving clients on a wide variety of transaction-based matters. Our practice spans a diverse range of industries, including banking, consumer products, e-commerce, energy, financial services, manufacturing, media, telecommunications and transportation.

  Our legal solution in corporate area include a wide range of services for major international corporations and early-stage private companies. We also offer our services to leading investment banks, commercial banks and other financial institutions acting as principals or intermediaries in corporate finance and merger transactions.

  We offer the complete solution in our M&A Practice:

  Understanding the legal environment  Chancelley helps clients understand the legal aspects of the deal, from the requirements of each country to the terms of payments.

  Structuring the transaction – The approach in any transaction is critical, including how to initiate the process, the appropriate time for due diligence, the necessary administrative clearances and other provisions.

 Project integration – Merger and acquisition transactions require multiple legal disciplines, including environmental, competition, intellectual property, labour, tax and securities regulations.

  Harmonization of documents – Chancelley has established due diligence check lists, processes, procedures, and reporting, which are applicable in virtually any country. We can harmonize contracts for our clients, regardless of the countries they operate in, so that fundamental elements of legal agreements are identical.

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