The advantage of focus.

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  Chancelley is an accomplished law firm comprised of skilled and experienced lawyers. In our professional area we’re known for our initiative, focus and innovation in reaching successful outcomes for our clients – qualities that result in our consistent recognition as a leader among our peers. Our lawyers and professional staff come here knowing they will be challenged and rewarded; they recognize Chancelley as a place to build a thriving, successful career and make a difference.

     Chancelley for LAWYERS

  Chancelley offers lawyers a superior platform from which to fully develop their legal practice. Our international footprint consistently attracts high-caliber lawyers who aspire to specialize in our practices. Chancelley offers a clear vision and abundance of resources, enabling our lawyers to achieve successful outcomes for their clients. Our “One Firm” organization, high-performance culture and competitive compensation system attract lawyers searching for a more collegial, teamwork-oriented environment.

   Chancelley for GRADUATES

  Our trainees’ and junior staff work is highly appreciated by our lawyers and other professionals, alike, and we like to show it. All the trainees are part of our team from day one, taking responsibility and actively assisting our lawyers in both client work and other matters.

If you are interested in a career with Chancelley you will need to demonstrate you have what it takes intellectually. You will also need to demonstrate that you understand what the working life of an international lawyer is like and that you are up to the challenges it presents.

  Chancelley for STAFF

  Our professional staff play an integral role in Chancelley’s success. From human resources and marketing to IT professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering a strong, well-developed infrastructure to support our clients' needs. We promote a professional and casual work environment, where attorneys and staff regularly interact in a collegial way.

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