The advantage of focus.

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Every country has many law firms. The world has Chancelley.

A boutique law firm with international focus.


International French Desk (IFD) was re-established in St-Petersburg office. IFD focuses on the legal needs of our French-speaking clients and integrates French-speaking professionals in all practices throughout the firm. The teams within Chancelley French Desk are led by French-speaking lawyers who acquired in-depth knowledge of the business and legal system in the country where they operate, or by foreign partners who have acquired advanced French-language proficiency through education or previous work experience in France and/or with major French clients.

 Chancelley is a legal practice with international focus, providing a full range of legal services to multinational corporations and regional clients across the European Union and CIS countries. We aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal advice and to maintain the highest level of quality at every point of our working process.

  Chancelley offers the full range of advice you would expect of a successful international law firm, from EU & competition law to employment law, from  construction and real estate to intellectual property. Chancelley practices are highly specialized and industry-oriented for a highest possible quality of legal advice.